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We have workout videos that will help shape your workout program. Dr. Paul will teach you how to workout from chin-to-ankles in 30 minutes. Time is no longer an excuse!

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Health & Fitness Articles

We have an archive with 1,000s of articles ranging from healthy recipes, kick-starting a workout program, how to prevent & recover from injury, and much more.

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Be Fit, Stay Fit America Radio Show

Health & Fitness Podcast

These podcasts cover current fitness and wellness topics, techniques and information that you can use to make your fitness program more successful. We will also help to answer your questions regarding your own fitness program.

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Health & Fitness Seminars

We offer FREE corporate and group seminars, ranging from the basics of cardio and strength training, 30-minute workouts to eating plans and CPR overview courses.

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Workout Logs & Charts

Workout Logs & Charts

We have logs and charts that will allow you to log and track your progress, as well as charts that will guide you in the right direction for your workout and eating plan.

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